Revolutionising Office environment
with tailored content

In a digital world, contextually relevant content is key to engaging and capturing audience attention at scale. This is especially important for commercial partners, who own Office towers and are looking to enhance the overall Office environment. To better understand the significance of content in this space, we spoke with Raen Waghorn-Hughes, our Head of Content.

What is the importance of content for commercial partners and how can it enhance the Office environment?

For commercial partners, content displayed on Office screens plays a crucial role in enriching the overall Office environment and presents a unique opportunity to entertain and engage with a captive audience.

Without providing relevant and engaging content people become conditioned to what is in front of them, and this can result in noise that adds no value to the consumer experience. To counteract this and through our content partnerships we provide editorials such as the latest news from News Corp Australia and the best places to eat and drink from Broadsheet.

Could you provide further details about the significance of the partnerships with News Corp Australia and Broadsheet, and how they contribute to the strategy of commercial partners?

Our partnerships with News Corp Australia and Broadsheet allow us to curate tailored news, and lifestyle content for Office dwellers. In conjunction with standard weather offerings from the Bureau of Meteorology, News Corp Australia provides the latest news from its well-respected national masthead ‘The Australian’.

Recently a focus of ours has been on providing quality food and drink content in collaboration with Broadsheet. This specific area was chosen due to the importance of providing relevant and engaging content that meets the needs and interests of our audience in city office spaces. By catering to the preferences of our audience, we aim to deliver a more valuable and enjoyable experience.

With Broadsheet’s expertise in lifestyle content, we are able to provide valuable information about the local area. This is particularly important when considering the types of content that are relevant during a lunch break, client entertainment, or personal enjoyment during downtime.

Our recent study ‘How Aussies Move’ revealed two in three Australians have plans to travel for leisure in the next 6 months. By providing information on local restaurants and bars, we can help audiences plan these trips and ensure they have a memorable experience, this is especially relevant for audiences traveling between Melbourne and Sydney, a route that is top 5 in the world.

oOh!’s technology has the capability to provide real-time sport scores, are there plans to extend this product to the Office environment?

Our Live Scores product is primarily used for sports that are played outside of Office hours. However, it includes a “Final Score” component that can be displayed as soon as the game ends. It can be displayed for the following 24 hours or until the next new game is played. Our sport partnerships with the AFL and Tennis Australia for the Australian Open include quality video highlights, and photo moments.

It is crucial for us to determine which content is suitable for a specific audience and environment, and it’s the reason why we have established partnerships with multiple content providers. This ensures we have contextually relevant content that works in and for each network, at all times.

Finally, what does the future of content in the Office environment look like?

As we continue to expand our partnerships and leverage digital technology, the future of content in the Office environment is bright. One of our priorities is to nationally broaden our partnership with Broadsheet beyond our current offering in New South Wales and Victoria.

We also have a partnership with Australian Geographic that highlights stunning imagery from the Australian Nature Photographer of the Year Awards, adding colour and beautiful moments to people’s daily lives as they move about public spaces. I would like to see how we could build on our strategy of making public spaces better with more beautiful imagery.

The development of technology is changing the ways we operate and the offerings we can provide. While we have the capability to provide hyper-targeting on a small scale, the future will be a game changer in the way we target even more localised information to specific audiences, and we look forward to continuing to adapt and develop innovative ways to engage audiences in Out of Home.